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SPARK Your Students’ Creativity with Adobe Spark! 10 points

Badge icon "Fire (6179)" provided by Thomas Le Bas, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

SPARK Your Students’ Creativity with Adobe Spark! 10 points

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Overview of Tool

Adobe Spark lets you create professional looking videos, social graphics, and web stories from your photos and video clips and integrates music, captions, and credits easily. Choose a template, add your photos, and make it the way you want. Students can easily create a video documenting their learning or a process.



Student Example:


Ways to Use in Teaching and Learning

Have students create videos to demonstrate what they’re learning in any topic. Take images of their work and explain it or create a call to action. Create content videos to review information with your class, share photos with parents of field trips, special events, etc.

Standards Integration

Any Subject Area

Earn Your Badge

Create an Adobe Spark video for an instructional lesson in your class. Create a lesson where your students will create an Adobe Spark to demonstrate their learning on a topic of instruction. Submit 3 links to student samples below.