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Learning Achievement Badges

Animoto – 10 points

Badge icon "Video Camera (6199)" provided by Monika Ciapala, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Animoto – 10 points

0 Points

Title- Animoto

Overview of Tool– Animoto lets you create professional looking videos from your photos and video clips and integrates music, captions, and credits easily. Choose a template, add your photos, and make it the way you want. Animoto Educator accounts also let you create up to 50 student accounts which will allow your students to easily create videos as well. Students can create videos on any topic or content area and share with you or others easily.


Help Page for creating student accounts:
This can be a bit time consuming and tedious but it is well worth it to create a student account for each computer and/or student.

Ways to Use in Teaching and Learning- Create content videos to review information, use as a get to know you activity, let students tell or retell a story, You may want to set time limits for younger students so they do not get carried away with the options and run out of time for creating the content.


Standards Integration- Any subject area

Earn Your Badge- Your badge is earned by the creation of an Animoto video. Share the finalized link below. Your video must have at least 5 pictures/videos, and 2 title cards. Share how you could use this in your classroom and your reflections on Animoto as an education tool. Create an assignment for your students to create an Animoto video. Submit 2-3 student work samples to earn the badge.

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