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PowToon – 10 Pts

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PowToon – 10 Pts

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Create animated videos and presentations that captivate, engage and explain.  You don’t need to be a professional animator to get started with PowToon.  Animation tools are provided to create professional looking animated videos and animated presentations. Communicate with dynamic characters, eye-popping images, and active text sequences and much more. PowToon helps capture attention and imagination. A guide makes for an easy and intuitive experience.  Your videos can than be exported to YouTube or downloaded to your computer to do with as you wish in just a couple clicks.

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Ways to Use in Teaching and Learning

PowToon is a great way to pack a lot of content into a few minutes of classroom time. PowToon can be used to cover basic content while engaging the students. Present new informaiton or ideas for discussion  Create a suite of grammar and English language arts videos to help students master basic concepts students can use when writing in any discipline.  Math, history, science, foreign language – any material you can write on a board or IWB screen can be transformed into an engaging animated video.  With student accounts students can create their own videos and video tutorials for themselves and their classmates.  Students can create videos to show math processes, explanations of complex concepts, review new learning, teacher others, explain scientific processes, tell stories, or present research.  The possibilities are endless and students will come up with hundreds mores uses. Embed your PowToon on your website or export to YouTube.  Use PowToon to create a presentation for back to school night or conference night.  At the beginning of school get to know your students by having students create a PowToon telling about themselves. Consider turning some of your lesson plans into animated videos using PowToon.  

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Standards Integration

PowToon can be used for integration and creation across content  areas.  PowToon provides opportunities for the sharing of quick engaging information as well as brainstorming sessions.  Teachers who maintain websites and blogs can embed the PowToon allowing students access to the content not only in the classroom but in other classrooms and at home for review and study.  Teacher and students can use PowToon to create visual displays to enhance understanding and enrich learning.

Earn Your Badge

Create you own Powtoon Edu account.

Create 3 Powtoons

Explain how you integrated the Powtoon videos into your instruction and classroom.  

Share the url of the Powtoons.

If students created Powtoons share 2 urls of student created Powtoons.

Optional:Create your group(s) for your classes.  Enroll student(s) into the group(s).