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Sutori – Timeline Creator – 15 Points

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Sutori – Timeline Creator – 15 Points

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Stories touch, stories amaze, stories teach and stories connect – use a timeline to show those connections!

If storytelling is as old as mankind, its delivery has always evolved. Sutori is storytelling in the 21st century: through an intuitive interface, users can add text, images, videos, audio recordings, but not only. Interactivity is pushed further through quiz questions and a commenting system akin to social media. You can also collaborate with others on stories in real-time.

Originally designed for the study of History, Sutori has grown into a storytelling and presentation tool used by all, beyond the boundaries of a classroom. Sutori is the place to let your creative juices flowing.

Sutori has attracted all sorts creators and thinkers on the web, including the BBC, who have embedded custom-made beautiful stories onto their websites.  Also teachers and students can explore stories already created

Giving students the power to share their own work independently is perfect for the BYOD or 1:1 classroom. The students will love the autonomy as they can now access the code needed to embed into another website. It’ll also be a lot less hassle for the teacher.

With the new version of groups on Sutori, anyone is able to join groups (even as a teacher you can join your colleagues’ groups) which is helpful as there’s no need to sign-up as a student again. We are also particularly excited at seeing students create their own groups and inviting their classmates for some studying

At Sutori, they  have thei rown private group where the team shares links, photos, videos and creates stories collaboratively. Try it for yourself, it’s a pretty fun way of presenting information and working collaboratively.

The best about this? It’s free! Creating, sharing, embedding… It’s all free! This therefore makes Sutori the easiest way to create and share stories.

When  students register for a new account on Sutori, they will be prompted to verify that they are over 13 years old. If your students are below 13, please make sure that they say they’re below that age when registering (we have now added a checkbox to check). These students will have a very different experience of Sutori as they won’t be able to explore stories, share stories publicly or add profile pictures. This means we remain fully COPPA compliant and continue to take student data and privacy very seriously. We do not track any identifiable information for students under 13 and parents/guardians can ask to destroy all the information which is stored on Sutori.






Timelines are graphical representations of a sequence of events over a period of time. Be it historical events, incidents in society, class birthdays or even school holidays, timelines are creative tools by which students can track and remember these events. Through the use of timelines, students are able to research, organize and publish events creatively and the activity in turn helps stimulate different types of learners.

Many teachers have discovered the value of using timelines (especially student-created timelines) to help put curriculum in perspective. The ultimate graphic organizers, timelines provide a visual tool for studying a brief period of time — a day, a year, or an individual’s life — or for examining a topic across the centuries. Researching and creating timelines appeals to students’ visual, mathematical, and kinesthetic intelligences.

Timelines are graphic representations of the chronology of events in time. Construct a timeline of the  life of a student,  or the timeline in a story or novel, fiction or nonfiction or start with a response prompt such as “Think about the important events in your life over the years, make a timeline.”



All subjects at all grade levels



Create a class.

Create a student assignment  for instruction, remediation or acceleration and share the assignment  url

Share your class code with your class.  Create an assignment for your students.  

Share the assignment with students.

After students have created their timelines and you have viewed, choose 2 or 3 to critique, share the timeline and your critiques.