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BookSnaps – 10 Points

Provide readers with an outlet to express their connections to text with a digital visual representation called BookSnaps. Join the movement spreading across the nation and empower your students to share what they’re thinking about books with BookSnaps!   Click Here To Earn Your Badge!

Seesaw – Digital Portfolio and Communication Tool – 10 pts

With Seesaw, you can:
Increase student engagement and accountability
Know exactly what they are doing during guided reading and other independent work times
Assess students without giving up instruction time
Easily share student work with parents and classmates – giving students a real audience
Encourage students to explain their thinking and reflect on their learning

Virtual Reality – 15 points

Immerse your students in a world full of different sights and sounds, where content comes alive. Using Virtual Reality creates experiences for students that are otherwise not possible.

Checking for Understanding – 20 points

Checking for understanding is an important step in the teaching and learning process. In fact, checking for understanding is part of a formative assessment system in which teachers identify learning goals, provide students feedback, and then plan instruction based on students’ errors and misconceptions.

HyperDocs – Digital Lesson Design (15 pts)

Overview::  HyperDocs can be defined in many ways and can be created many ways, but for now let’s define a HyperDoc as “An interactive Google Doc that replaces the worksheet/lecture method of delivering instruction.” At first glance, a HyperDoc may look like a WebQuest for those of you that remember those.  Basically, you have a lot of links to online…