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Learning Achievement Badges

HyperDocs – Digital Lesson Design (15 pts)

Badge icon "Globe (3658)" provided by Ben Rex Furneaux, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Overview::  HyperDocs can be defined in many ways and can be created many ways, but for now let’s define a HyperDoc as “An interactive Google Doc that replaces the worksheet/lecture method of delivering instruction.” At first glance, a HyperDoc may look like a WebQuest for those of you that remember those.  Basically, you have a lot of links to online resources that students access on their own pace in order to answer specific questions.  There may be some of that in HyperDocs, but the most effective ones incorporate specific learning objectives, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and are student-centered!


Learning Resources:

  1. HyperDoc Introduction Video
  2. How to HyperDoc Slide Deck
  3. HyperDoc Examples (Organized by Subject)
  4. HyperDoc Templates
  5. Example of a HyperDoc used to teach HyperDocs!  Under the Explain section, you will find a lot of cool technology tools you can use in your HyperDoc!
  6. Official HyperDoc Website
  7. Contact an ITRC to help you out!


Ways to Use in Teaching and Learning:

HyperDocs can be used for a single lesson that may take one class period or they can be created for an entire unit that may require weeks to complete.  You can create it to fit your students’ needs and the learning objective(s).  Creating a HyperDoc requires upfront time to plan and create, but once finished the implementation is a student-centered product. This allows you to be more of a facilitator as students are working through the activities.  Direct instruction will still occur either whole-class, small group or individual as needed.  Formative assessment checks throughout the activities help track the progress of your students’ learning.

In creating your HyperDoc, if you need ideas or assistance, please contact an ITRC!


Standards Integration:

HyperDocs can be used in all content areas and grade levels.  They can be adapted as needed to fit the age and abilities of your students.  Differentiation can be applied by tweaking activities to students’ needs.


How To Earn Your Badge:

  1. Create a HyperDoc that address any content standard(s) for your curricula.
  2. Use the HyperDoc with your students
    1. Before you implement the HyperDoc, please share it with an ITRC.
    2. Share the date(s)/time(s) you plan to implement your HyperDoc with an ITRC.  They can assist as needed and be able to provide feedback.
  3. You must take time to reflect on how your HyperDoc experience went. This can be a written reflection or if an ITRC or someone else was with you during implementation, schedule a time to discuss the experience.  Hopefully, the feedback will give you ideas/recommendations on how to improve your future HyperDoc experiences! If you write your reflection, please share it with an ITRC.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tim Taylor or an ITRC.